Silent But Dusty

I keep buying miniatures. Whenever the new WizKids set is released for Pathfinder or D&D I swoop over to one of my preferred online vendors and grab a few choice monsters that I don’t have in my collection. I continue to do this despite not having gamed in person for close to ten months, not being likely to resume gaming in meatspace for another half-year, and the minis going from the box and straight into storage. My books and accessories just sit on the shelf, slowly collecting dust. As if they were for the previous generation of TTRPG or some system I’m purchasing to read instead of to play.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent a small stack of money on DnDBeyond, as I plan on using that for my forthcoming campaign (paired with the Beyond20 browser extension). I picked-up most of the player-facing accessories in a New Year’s bundle sale. Which seemed like a great deal and a good investment at the time. But in eight or nine months, when everyone is rolling dice in person again, that digital content will just be sitting there unused. An interesting reversal.



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