It’s hard to make an elf that looks a little like Silent Bob. First off, there’s the beard. And one of the quirks of D&D elves is that they have no facial hair, so there goes a distinct visual clue. Thankfully there’s not a lot of fat elves, so that stands out. Still… the look didn’t work without the beard, so I guess he’s a half-elf if you want to get technical. 

Really, there’s not a lot of chubby adventurers in the art. This has never really bothered me. I’m all for inclusion in the art and representation, even if the characters don’t look like me. Women and different ethnicities and cultures are all good. Encouraged even. But overweight adventurers? That doesn’t click for me.

Part of this is “wish fulfilment” aspect. I’m fat. Out of the last 20 years, I’ve been fat for 15-or-so of them (not counting the last 4-months where I’ve managed to drop 14kg (approx. 30lbs) and am working to keep it off). I don’t feel the need to play a fat character and see “the fat experience” because I’m already toeing into obese.

But some of it is also practical. Adventuring is a physical activity: you’re travelling long distances while subsisting on dried rations and having bursts of intense physical activity. It’s not only a profession that would be difficult for an overweight person to maintain, but they are unlikely to remain fat for long. There’s not a lot of chubby athletes or soldiers. Even a wizard should likely shed the pounds rather rapidly.