Stand Against

This comic was meant to be last Thursday’s. But I wasn’t happy with it at the time and, since the topic is rather important, I opted to redraw the strip.

Women in gaming is a topic that continues to come up. It’s mostly focused around video games, but related “geek” hobbies like comics and tabletop games often get caught in the wake. The most recent drama can be traded to videos posted by Feminist Frequency, which apparently resulted in hate mail that was slightly scarier than normal hate mail. (When you need to add qualifiers to how scary your hate mail is, things are messed up.) This prompted an Open Letter to the gaming community  and a lot of discussion.

I don’t experience a lot of this at my table. I’ve gamed with a lot of women over the years and have been outnumber at the table a few times. Even my public play experiences haven’t been that bad. There have been jerks, but not *that* special kind of jerk. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you’re not the baseline and other places will be different. Not to mention how I see people being treated will not always be how they see themselves being treated or how people are treated when I’m not there. I have no idea of the experiences of my wife at game tables when I’m not present.

There’s little I can do as an individual other than try and teach my son to treat all people fairly (and remind him that women are very much people first) and not tolerate that kind of B.S. at the game table.

But I can also make a comic that touches on the subject.