Surge of Flavour

I’m not a fan of 4e’s healing surges, mostly because of the name. It’s a terrible name.

Healing surges are the static healing introduced that made healing proportional to your hitpoints, so the person with more hp was healed more by every ability. Surges were also spent between combats for healing that didn’t really come from anywhere. This made the “healing” part of the “healing surge” name odd, given most of the time you used one, you weren’t actually healing but catching your breath or regaining energy. Then there’s the “surge” part, which feels like it was named by a committee. Four or five guys sat around brainstorming names and shooting down ideas until they came up with the one least objectionable. They seem to have picked name because it implies action and excitement. It’s a healing surge!!!! with the sound of a guitar solo and pyrotechnic explosions in the background. This fits the action movie aesthetics of the edition.