The Magic of Reading

I still lament the lack of D&D books for children. There are so many novels, but their size means they’re aimed at far older readers. There were attempts and youth-orientated series (Junior High age), but this was a curious decision as many existing novels already hit that age range. I started reading the Dragonlance novels at age 12 and know people who picked-up the Drizzt books at a similar age.

Children in the 7-10 age range love fantasy and speculative fiction. Just look at the success of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Artemis Fowl. To say nothing of the Hunger Games, Divergent, His Dark Materials, 39 Clues, Bone, Infinity Ring and similar series. With its stable of authors and knowledge of both book and card publishing, WotC could be a player in that age range, introducing younger kids to their worlds and brands. 

Forbek’s Dungeonology is a nice start. As is the D&D Colouring Book. But I’d love to give my son some easy readers with D&D characters, or 5 Minute D&D Stories, like I can with Star Wars or the Avengers. To say nothing of a small chapter book.