Them’s the Breaks

The binding of D&D books is notoriously bad. With the change to case binding in Candlekeep Adventures, it seems like Wizards of the Coast is finally trying to correct the problems that come with perfect binding—when the glue starts to give ALL the pages come out. 

Personally, I’ve never had real problems with my books. My Monster Manual is starting to give a little at the back, but it’s seen heavy use. The many complaints of bindings giving out is probably the result of the sheer number of books printed: there’s so many copies the small percentage failing seems like a large number. That and few people likely break in their books, which is useful for a book being heavily referenced.

That said, having a D&D book’s binding fail isn’t the worst that can happen. There’s lots of options if you take them into a print shop, such as having them spiral bound, allowing you to fold over the cover. Or putting them in plastic sheet protectors and storing them in a binder, allowing you to pull out pages as necessary.