Tomb of Rage Comics

I ran through the Tomb of Horrors using the Tales from the Yawning Portal reprint and my players had a lot of fun. But there was this one moment where they had just entered the tomb and were investigating a brass chest on the wall, and trying to deduce its purpose. (I didn’t tell my players in advance what we were playing.) The reason this box was there, beyond the possibility of a trap. One player reasoned it was a sort of donation receptacle, a collection box, placed there to get religious tokens for people saying their prayers in the crypt. While very cool, this was completely missing the obvious problem that nothing in 1e dungeons is there for logical sense. If you don’t want your tomb looted, you work to hide it, not set-up puzzled with an elaborate riddle to guide people through.  Complicated death traps take time and energy to design, and you don’t do that if you never want people to trigger those traps. Acererak had to want people to try and steal his treasure, and was set-up so he could watch them die. The whole dungeon is him trolling adventurers for the lulz.


Oh, and I almost forgot: “trollface” is copyright Carlos Ramirez. Used under Fair Dealings (parody/ satire) as outlined in the Canadian Copyright Act.