Triacontahedron Time

They do make d30s, which are typically a rhombic triacontahedron for you geometry buffs. So that’s always an option.

This strip comes from a line spoken by Perram (aka Jefferson Jay Thacker), a host of the excellent Know Direction podcast. Which I thought was a perfect strip idea. I asked permission and he graciously let me steal the line. Good strip ideas can be hard to find; even after over 300 strips I’m still surprised I manage to think of as many gags as I have (let alone the couple that are funny).

In theory, a natural 20 is often an automatic success, even if the rules only limit it to attack rolls or saving throws.  But a 5% chance of succeeding at anything is probably too high of odds for some tasks. Success almost requires a high level character with an entire feat chain, a suite of stacking bonuses, and a lucky roll. Some things should just be beyond the realm of possibility, or so fantastically improbable that you’d need to Uber a ride from Zaphod Beeblebrox to accomplish the task.