When The Moon is Full

Lycanthropes are scary. You get bitten and become a monster, potentially turning on your friends and allies.

When you look at past editions of D&D, there are a LOT of lycanthropes/werebeasts. 2nd Edition was particularly rife with them, being the heyday of Ravenloft and distinct monster statblocks. Wikipedia lists the werebear, wererat, weretiger, werewolf (regular and loup-garou), wereboar, werefox (foxwoman), werepanther (regular and lord), werespider, werebison, werecat, weredog, weredolphin, wereleopard, wereowl (aka “the wrowl”), werecrocodile, werebat, wereraven, werehyena, werelion, werebadger, werejaguar (Mystara & Ravenloft), loup du noir (skin-changer), werejaguar, wereswine, wereshark, werejackal, and wereleopard.

It strikes me that an intelligent and bitey creature, such as a goblin, might be a creepy lycanthrope. Becoming a hideous feral beast is somewhat scary, but it’s a powerful monster and the player character isn’t in any danger. A goblin is both dangerous to civilians but very killable.