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Dec 31Monster of the Month: Animate Entrails (5e)
Dec 17Attunement Requirements & Minor Properties
Dec 6Monster of the Month: Soul Devourer (5e)
Dec 6Glancing Blows and Wound Points
Dec 4D&D 5 Review: Dungeon Master’s Guide
Nov 4Pathfinder Review: Occult Adventures Playtest
Oct 30Pathfinder Review: Monster Codex
Sep 24D&D 5 Review: Monster Manual
Sep 12PF Review: Advanced Bestiary
Aug 22PF Review: Advanced Class Guide
Aug 20GenCon 2014 In Review
Aug 8D&D5 Review: Player’s Handbook
Aug 7Background: Harlot
Aug 4D&D5 Review: Starter Set
Jul 9A Cover for Basic D&D
Jun 20Review: Emerald Spire
Jun 4Review: Shadows of Esteren
May 28Review: Knights of Badassdom
May 22D&D5: Organized Play
May 19D&D5: Dates & Details
May 8The Future of Tabletop Gaming
May 2D&D5: Failure to Launch
May 1Monster of the Month: Squonk
Apr 3Monster of the Month: Bag of Experience
Mar 12Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Bards
Feb 8Early Access
Feb 5Monster of the Month: Diseased Sludge
Feb 2Dungeons & Dragons Turns 40
Jan 23Tyranny of Dragons
Jan 17Needed: Fansite Guidelines
Jan 4Monster(s) of the Month: Houyhnhnms and Yahoos